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Let's Put It Over There

Let’s Put It Over There

While the modern world hems and haws about what to do with spent nuclear fuel, paleontologists recently discovered that even the dinosaurs were able to work cooperatively on their waste problems:

BBC News – Giant prehistoric toilet unearthed.

And remember that these critters had brains the size of a walnut.

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On November 1, the Circuit Court granted ComEd’s motion to dismiss the class action seeking $182 million in damages for ComEd’s non-compliance with an Illinois Commerce Commission order that required ComEd to begin smart meter installations in September 2012. The court ruled that the ICC had exclusive jurisdiction, and stated that it had to defer to the ICC to determine the extent to which the delay in smart meter installations adversely impacted ComEd’s customers’ rates and future service, and what remedy, if any, should be employed.

Although going into this case we knew that the jurisdictional lines are sometimes drawn rather finely, we respectfully differ with the court’s decision. We maintain that the case is properly brought in the Circuit Court and have filed an appeal.

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A NASA study has found that despite Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, nuclear power prevented an average of over 1.8 million net deaths worldwide between 1971-2009. The study’s conclusion is based on an assumption that if civilian nuclear power had never existed, most of the energy the “missing” nukes produced would have been from coal-fired stations. Read the article here:

via NASA: coal, gas more harmful than nuclear | Nuclear Energy Insider.


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